Hi, world

Still here, still plugging along on day 33. I am leaving for Europe around day 60 so that’s my current next goal. Being sober is fun, mostly. Still bored sometimes! (Like right now).

I bought myself new sunglasses for day 30. Turns our they don’t fit so I need a new 30 day treat. 

I think I’m buying a cheapo kayak this weekend so maybe that will be it. Seems silly to pay $25/hour for a kayak when they sell crappy ones for $150. How bad could they be? 🙂

We are actually in escrow on my little house in Tahoe. But that escrow is about to collapse because the house is a mess. And the sellers are assholes who won’t negotiate even though we would have to spend about 50k to get it habitable. Sigh, asshats everywhere.

Back to the (terrible) paper I’m refereeing….

6 thoughts on “Hi, world”

  1. Sorry about that little house. Hey what’s better is what is meant to be! There must be a better little house for you- all in time. Keep hangin’ in there- you’re going strong!


  2. Ms cupcake, the boredom is a phase. One of these days you will open your eyes and be rearing to do things, there wont be enough time in the day to explore all these the things you’ve neglected or new interest you may want to pursue Have lots of fun in Europe. Be forewarned if you are coming to the UK the place is swimming in booze, so just be on your guard. On the continent they have more moderate attitude to drinking so you’ll be fine over there.xxx

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  3. Thanks for sharing your journey. I’m glad you’re over the 30 day mark. That must feel pretty good! Also kayaking is the best. And to be near Lake Tahoe! You’re very lucky. 😊❤️


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