We had a lovely day in Tahoe on Sunday. Saw one house (er, more like a shack!) that I wanted desperately. Anddd then Monday morning found out someone made an offer over the weekend and it was accepted. Sulk. I’m evilly hoping the contract falls through (as happens so often!). It felt like my little sober cabin in the woods. Oh well, either way there will be others. 

Otherwise, work is crazy and I’ve started exercising again so I’m go go go 7am to 9pm every day. I worry that I’m setting myself up for overwhelm but I also know sobriety is hardest when you’re bored and I’m definitely not bored. This “time around” I have much more energy than the previous times I’ve tried to quit. Go figure.


3 thoughts on “16”

  1. Overwhelm is real.
    My only advice is go when you feel it and stay in bed when you don’t.
    There’s nothing more profound than actually listening to your body and doing less!

    Seriously. Just try it one day.

    Sorry about the shack. Another will come along!

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