So much for posting daily. I’ve been busy…

Still sober, day 20 today

We started fixing up our garden this weekend. A new hobby! Baby lettuce plants, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, parsley, mint. We will see which I kill first 🙂

I had a paper rejected from a journal today which made me want a drink, but only sort of. I don’t care too much about this paper so I wasn’t super upset, but I do know if the other paper I have submitted gets rejected I will be much more upset. Trying to plan ahead for that  (I have so little faith in my research!). 

Day 15

Woohoo, past the 2 week mark. More or less cruising along in that I don’t want alcohol. Emotionally drained from the 5 days of conferences straight into the beginning of our teaching semester.  I’m not teaching but there are millions of meetings etc etc. 

I’d say I need a vacation but  that went well last time 😉 just need to recharge. More puppy-hugging, less staring at my work computer. 

I haven’t been exercising. Haven’t wanted to force it and haven’t had the motivation to do much. Next week I’m going to try to go back to the “move once a day” rule…aka something, anything. I know exercise makes me less cranky/stressed which I need! I do miss the pool…Maybe tomorrow night…

Day 13..

Fiiiinally done with conference stuff for awhile. Exhausted. But also happy to get back to normal work tomorrow. I enjoy mindlessly cleaning data etc much more than talking to people all day!

New TV shows started tonight = going to bed later than we should!

Lucky number 13. 

Day 11

I’m so glad I reached out last night instead of hiding. Thank you so much for the supportive comments right when I needed them!

I got through it, partly helped by a new fuzzy blue blanket from brookstone (seriously, if you don’t have one of their blankets, get one now!). Struggled a bit in the airport on the way home but never super wanted a drink…just wanted something to pass the time and maybe help with the headache I had (no, alcohol does not cure headaches…). 

Happy to be home with my husband and puppies. My chihuahua has since adopted the blue blanket as her nest…aiaiai, I guess I need to buy one for me now 😉

Have another work conference tomorrow and Tuesday but this one is here. I do have to go to dinner tomorrow but that should be ok…enough…


Conferences are just too much for me! I went for a few hours today and now I’m hiding in my room. I feel emotionally fragile today and realize if I spend too much time around day crowds of people I WILL give in and drink. I think I might stay in my room the rest of the night. I showed my face, people saw me. Enough…

This stupid conference is at a hotel in the middle of nowhere. 20 minutes to the main town. I have no car, sounds like an expensive uber. 

I’m a little cranky today 😉 

Day 8

In bed cuddling with my puppy and cat (I would stop talking about them, but I spend more time with my fur babies than other humans…and I like my fur kids better than most humans). Calm…

I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow for a 7am flight, spend the whole day at a conference, then somehow get through a 2 hour cocktail party. I’m really debating skipping the cocktail party but this is the one conference every year where I know a ton of people and usually have an ok, aka not too socially awkward, time. I will see if I feel up to it…if not let, room service and early bedtime it is tomorrow night :). 

In other news, I think my drinking escalated in the past few years because I was so damn bored–I’ve been bored out of my mind this week! Last time I did a million things in the first week I was sober. This time I’m just bored of everything! Must find more hobbies 😉 at least the fall TV shows come back next week so that’s 4 hours of entertainment per week (we watch 4 and no more than 4 shows a week…some weeks fewer when there aren’t new episodes).