Having one of “those” days. Cranky, out of sorts (still ridiculously sore and worn out from Saturday). I’m not craving alcohol exactly, I just want something to do. Too much work lately, I’ve actually forgotten what I do when I’m not working or cooking or swimming. Hm. Usually i drink, I suppose. 

I’ve promised myself 30 days. Right now that’s the only thing between me and a bottle of wine. I’ll have to re-up that promise in a week!

12 thoughts on “Ughhhh”

  1. Do you have sober support? Have you considered AA or SMART?

    In the first few months I booked a lot of massages and yoga to stay out of the house. I had never liked yoga before, but it somehow worked as a place to feel calm and secure and now I am a yoga teacher. Lol

    That antsy feeling is very normal. Drinking did take up a lot of time. Wasted time….

    Hug. You can do this. It’s so worth it!

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  2. i think one of the hardest parts of sobriety early on (for me) was filling all that time…it takes a bit to find your new hobbies and habits…! try out lots of different things that you think may work 😉 sending you good thoughts ❤

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  3. That sense of time opening up can be a real blessing/curse depending on where our headstate is at in that moment. Netflix sessions, reading, drawing, pinterest, online courses, walking in the woods, soaking in the bath, writing, extra sleeping are all things that I’ve tried when I get that antsy feeling. Sometimes my motivation fails entirely and I end up just sitting, feeling the discomfort and staring into space – it always passes eventually though. You’ve done so well, keep going, sending you hugs and strength x

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      1. I have follow through problems on there. I’ve started French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Danish. I’m going to Spain in a month so maybe I should focus on Spanish 🙂

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