3 weeks.

Still going strong. This is about when the wheels usually fall off (or start to) so I’m being extra vigilant. 

I did a half Ironman yesterday. Without really training (idiot). I was just going to swim and bike and then skip the run but I felt ok…and power-walked the whole “run”. And today holy hell I’m sore! Some pathetic limping around today. Very proud of myself though.  Last summer I did train for my half Ironman. Got to the swim start after maybe one hour of sleep the night before, had basically a panic attack, and refused to start the race. I never like wetsuits but usually I get over it. All I wanted this weekend was to vanquish that demon. I had a few minutes of slight panic in the (freezing!) water but otherwise actually really enjoyed the swim. I have been craving the pool lately so I just tried to tap into that feeling. 

I think I might train for the next one. I had the most fun I’ve ever had on a race course but my poor body feels like it did a real Ironman and then some. Owie.

Looking forward to week 4. 

5 thoughts on “3 weeks.”

  1. Nice.
    My ability to overcome panic attacks became so much greater the longer I was sober.
    I think that’s what actually prompted me to quit. The paranoia.
    I hope you Recovery quick. You must be pretty tough!!


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