Day 14

Two weeks. (Well, it’s morning so just short of two weeks). I’m so much happier than 2 weeks ago. 

This weekend was my first real challenge with a conference where everyone was drinking. Funny thing is that not everyone WAS drinking. I was at one table at dinner where one person had two glasses of wine, one had one, and two other than me had none. If I was drinking I would have been stressed about not having a drinking buddy who could keep up with me (and the socially acceptable level would have restrained me until I got to the hotel later). Instead, I had lovely chamomile tea after dinner and went back to the hotel and had sparkling tangerine Voss water.

Now I’m home. We are driving to the mountains today to look at cabins. My dream is to own a tiny cabin near Lake Tahoe to be my little retreat from life. Pack up the dogs and get away from everything when it’s too much. I’m infinitely spoiled. 

Happy Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Day 14”

  1. We’ll done on your 2 weeks and resisting while you were away. In the past I used to calculate how much everyone was drinking to see if it was acceptable for me to have more wine. I would have been on edge the whole night and not relaxed until I got back to my hotel room to drink in peace without judging eyes. It’s way easier now. It’s more normal not to drink than drink the amounts we used too. Xx

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