Day 4

It’s like groundhogs day, I feel like I’ve been here before!

Very little to say except I’ve promised myself 30 days. Hopefully on day 28 i will be able to commit to 100 days but that just feels too hard right now. Toooo many false starts

It’s been ok this week. The sun is out (FINALLY). I’ve been biking and swimming a bit. Trying to stay busy. We are planning a big Spring clean this weekend (i haaaaate cleaning).

Night night, world 🙂

9 thoughts on “Day 4”

  1. So many of us have been here, many times over. You’re not alone. I’ve lost count of how many day 4s I’ve had. Keep going, I’m cheering for you. I know its tempting to look ahead and think about bigger, longer goals but be careful not to overwhelm yourself – just not drinking today is the most important goal and it’s much smaller and easier to achieve. Take care, hugs x

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