2 days…

…it’s something…

I swam at night both nights to escape the house and cravings. I really enjoyed it. 

There’s zero alcohol in my house right now. All the stores whisper to me as I drive by though!

Thanks for the sweet messages the other nighy. I have been so busy at work so haven’t replied but I appreciate them!

I’m not even saying I want to do X days this time around.  I have a work trip in europe for 2 weeks starting next Friday and I know I don’t have the willpower to get through that with no alcohol. I hope being sober until then will motivate me to think before I drink. That’s such a Wolfie thought. But I also know that expecting early sobriety to work at the wrong time dooms it to failure. Trying too hard and making the first few weeks too hard with having to be around people who are drinking ends up in demoralizing failure…and (for me) being slower to get back on the wagon. I AM planning to be fully sober after I get back. Hey, maybe this time will stick 😉

6 thoughts on “2 days…”

  1. There is never a right time.
    Now is as good as after the trip. But that’s a decision for you.
    A sober trip to Europe might just be utterly amazing. It is possible.

    Whatever you do, take care of yourself.

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  2. I’m so glad you’re getting your sober plan in place! It always seems to be about timing. Sometimes you’re just ready. The stars align and everything’s easier than before.
    That’s my prayer for you. ; )


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