One week!

Hah, it’s the little things that excite me these days…

Today was…itchy. Like, nothing felt right and I was very discontented all day for no apparent reason. I suspect just blood sugar rediscovering it can’t depend on leftover sugar from alcohol the night before! I was also starrrrrving all day. Weird. 

Got through the day. My angel husband bought me flowers after I told him I was cranky. Sweet, that one. 

Cuddling a puppy or two (they keep leaving and coming back) and all feels right with the world again. Also swam again tonight–I missed nighttime swimming!

8 thoughts on “One week!”

  1. I have not drank in 12 days, but coupled with that is a cleanse and healthier eating that I started 8 days ago. Yesterday was my seventh day on that. I was doing so great until yesterday I hit a brick wall! I was basically a zombie all day lol. Anyway, the people coaching me said it was to be expected on days 5-11. This just proves how terrible alcohol is for our bodies – not only the alcohol itself but the sugar!! Keep going ! Doesn’t it feel great to wake up refreshed!


      1. It has been really hard these last few days. I broke down and ate a bowl of cereal last night. We shall see how it all turns out. I am trying to just take one day at a time ā¤ļø.

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