Day 5

Interesting…I just read through my first few blog posts from the “first time” (which was meant to be the only time, damnit), and realized I don’t feel as terrible this time around. Headache isn’t there, etc. I guess even though I was back drinking for a month this isn’t as much of a shock as quitting after years of drinking straight. 

That said, quitting again sucks!

5 days. Only 2 more and it will be a week! 

I’m a little worried about Friday and Saturday  this week because I have a work conference where there will be free flowing alcohol at night. I got through one conference last time around but it was around day 90 and even that was hard. Oh well, I might err on the side of being super antisocial and just doing “enough” this weekend. I’ll take sober treats for each night after the socializing is over. 🙂

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