Eep, I keep meaning to sit down and write and the day gets away from me. Still sober, end of day 74. 

Last weekend we went to our local wine country to train on the bike course of my half ironman that I’m doing in 1.5 weeks. I spent 4 hours biking past some of my favorite wineries…not going to lie, that wasn’t *super* fun seeing them all and not being able to go wine tasting! We did however have a lovely weekend and I remembered just how hilly the bike course is! This race was where I did my first ironman 6 years ago (of 2 ironmans…they’re hard!) and I’ve done the half twice so it is sort of a tradition now. I’m excited to go back and race even among the wine grapes. 

We stayed in an airbnb room in someone’s house…not sure I would have done that if I was drinking because how would I drink wine without hiding in the room or letting strangers watch me drink too much? 

The best thing about sobriety right now is my new love of swimming. Tonight I got in the pool unexcited about being there but I got part way through the workout and it just cruised from there. My favorite is when I’m done and it’s just getting dark and I can float around and look at the stars. So peaceful, and something I NEVER did while drinking! Never (rarely? Nope, never) could make it past 7pm still sober. 

I haven’t had a “bad” day in over a week now…I’m sure it will come but I think the rough days are getting fewer and further  between and a lot easier to get through when they do show up. 

(And, I did mean to this write last week, but WTF Britain?!?!? The best thing to come out of Brexit was the British replies to Trump’s dumb tweet. If you haven’t read them go find them!)

10 thoughts on “Hiiiiiiiii!”

  1. Wow you really are a kick arse Viking. Four fucking hours of cycling. Woo hoo I am very impressed. I would love to hear more about it all. Googling tweets now!

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      1. I imagine Vikings were very short. Like the dwarfs from Lord of the Rings. All you need is a beard and you’re in!


  2. Some of those twitter replies are really hilarious. What a dick! Day 74 is fantastic and hearing that the struggles are getting fewer and easier is so inspiring for us much further behind you on the path. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  3. You’re crusin right along! Great job on being able to ride past the wineries. That would have been hard for me too. But at least I bet the views were gorgeous. Congrats!


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