Those damn pop-ups.

Today wolfie has been sending a lot of pop-up thoughts at really random times. I wouldn’t describe the thoughts as cravings, just accidental temporary ideas.

Eh, better safe than sorry. Curled up in bed with a cozy blanket, a candle, tea, a trashy novel, and a purring cat. My dogs are asleep in the living room. This is SO much better than wine!

16 thoughts on “Those damn pop-ups.”

  1. That really does sound blissful. Except I am reading it in the morning and I have to get out of bed. Boooo hooooo!


  2. This is awesome, love this post. I really hate those random pop ups, the ones I’m unprepared for seem to be the ones that floor me 😬 Your evening sounds blissful! Couldn’t have my cat with me though if I wanted to read because he gets all carried away purring, head butting me and generally doing all the things cats do to have 100% of your attention haha! Worse than a child! …you’re right, SO much better than wine. Onwards and upwards! Xxxx


  3. Tee hee.. Are we all mad cat ladies?! I wish mine wouldn’t keep waking us all up at 4.00 a.m. Definitely worse than a small child, but great pop up distractor!


  4. Cozy = good! And if you ever feel like the cravings are bothering you too much you could try the free online alcohol desensitization training that I did. It is a test training, set up by a Dutch University. At least reading the blog with the manual as to how to get there should keep you occupiedπŸ˜€. The entry to the training is in Dutch, the training itself only has pictures. It is a sort of game, a booooooring game which works totally perfect to absolutely bore any idea of wanting to drink out of you.πŸ˜€. Actually, I think it works splendidly. Within a few weeks of this training I could look at alcohol in real life and not even notice it was alcohol or experience any cravings.
    And I can finish this post with ‘hope you enjoy’ but really, the training is sooooo boring that I can not say that. But…. as I say, I think it works. It is meant to reprogram the impulses in the brain. We see alchol and we have, trough the years wired our brains to think ‘grab’. The training teaches our brains to not ‘leave it’. Very simple, nothing spooky about it.
    xx, Feeling


    1. This is worth trying. I found it very interesting, although I haven’t looked at it for a while!
      Feeling has lots of good advice!

      Keep x ing the pop ups. Don’t take you eye off the ball!

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      1. Anne, did I know you tried this? I am happily surprised to hear so… I have to say, this is possibly the second time around that I am happily surprised but I can not remember. Nasty concussion meddling with my brain. πŸ˜€
        xx, Feeling


      2. Lol.
        I remember you posting it an watching it a few times.
        Like the Allen Carr book, I think there is an aspect of unconscious thinking that can be changed the through subtle “brainwashing”.

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      3. Yeah. I think it is a good training. We have been brainwashed by society to like smoking and drinking while actually the first take of either of them made us VERY SICK. If it were a flower we had eaten, or even a vegetable we would NOT EVEN THINK of trying it twice. But no…. it is even worse and here we go: again and again and again! It is SO absurd. Well, in hindsight that is. 😦 The training brainwashes us right back to normal. Which I like. πŸ™‚

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  5. Pop-ups. That is Wolfie. Outta nowhere. POP.
    I’m just learning to recognize that wolfie whisper. Book Blankie Bed and Puss is where I landed at 8 p.m. last night. Good medicine and Wolfie proof.


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