Day 60 (+2)

I happily celebrated 60 days a couple of days ago. And by celebrate, I mean that I forgot for most of the day, gave myself a pat on the back, and got on with it. I did do very little work that day, mostly because my coauthor just left on Wednesday and I was totally drained for about 24 hours after that.

Wednesday afternoon after I dropped her off I had a slight craving but spoiled myself rotten with cheese and crackers, salami, roasted artichokes, and dry cucumber soda. That little meal probably cost more and had more calories than a good bottle of wine 😉 but it came with way less guilt.

Someone recently said that wine cravings are like annoying pop-ups on the computer- -that’s such a perfect way to think of them…they pop up from nowhere but usually you can just close them quickly.

I’m mostly doing fine without alcohol, hence being a bit more MIA. I’m going to try to post more! I did want to do a “what I learned” post after 2 months sober so maybe I’ll work on that. Mostly, I’m just shocked that I’ve spent two months without alcohol!

Happy Saturday!!

5 thoughts on “Day 60 (+2)”

  1. Well done! 60 days is awesome. I think it’s great that you kind of ‘forgot’ as well! It shows you are getting used to what life should be like, and getting on with it 😀 Love the pop-ups idea about cravings. I will imagine just closing them down when I get them 😀 …until I figure out how to turn on my firewall hehe. Also – dry cucumber soda?! Sounds yum!! Wish we had that here. I may have to go on a AF drinks hunt on the Internet. Xxxxx


  2. Like you, I fall away from the blogging when I am doing well. I am just slightly ahead at around 82 days. (I don’t even know how many!) I am guessing your writing has gotten a lot easier. I am going to get an office out of the house in an effort to capitalize on the anticipated brain power than might arrive any minute. Congratulations!

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  3. Asobermiracle haha re brain power. I keep making plans to learn German, become a concert pianist and prove the fourth dimension but at the moment am still tripping down stairs, losing my keys and being a fool. Soon though, eh!


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