I didn’t meant to be negative in my last post. I guess by “existing” I meant that the days are just passing with respect to alcohol cravings. No little, or big, fluffy pink clouds but my moods have evened out a bit and most of the ridiculous tiredness has gone away. I’m still not sleeping well, but I’ve never slept well so let’s not make being sober do all of the heavy lifting. Some of the ridiculous consumption of sugar has slowed down too.

I have a friend/co-author visiting this week (hence haven’t had time to post). I was worried about her visit because we often drink together–not heavily, but she usually likes a good beer. The night she got here she announced that she’s pregnant. Cue the relief on my part! We’ve been working a lot but cooking good meals and running etc.

The weather is shockingly cool here this week (and…107 degrees is in next week’s forecast. Hiss), so maybe I’ll get to wear my day 30 treat cashmere sweater for the first time!

I am buying myself a pink swimsuit for my day 60 treat. It won’t get here by Thursday, but I’ll know that it’s on the way. I felt sort of bad spending the $60 but realized (a) it’s a big f’ing deal to get to day 60; and (b) that’s like 3 days of drinking money. Silly.

5 thoughts on “Lately…”

  1. I love how y9u are treating yourself along the way, great idea. Although I can hear the shopaholic in me cheering me on so better calm down!

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  2. I find it so interesting how for many of us alcohol became an affordable and allowable treat whilst new clothes, beauty treatments, time out etc causes us to feel guilty! You have earned at least three swimsuits.. If I had to put up with 107 degree heat I would probably wear one permanently!!


  3. I have come to understand (by observation here in the sober blogosphere) that pink clouds are biggest when people have been drinking a lot and on a daily base for a long long time. People who ‘only’ ‘binge’ in the weekend have less pink clouds. Also, people who have several quitting tries in the last year(s) have less pink clouds. For sure: the pink clouds are always less the second time around. Also reason for me not to go look for a second time of quitting.
    I am happy that I quit! 🙂 Being happy that you quit makes stuff so much easier. 🙂 I might have said this before but I made an effort of it every day to make sure I came to the point where I was happy that I quit. And if I could not mentally/feelingwise make it to that point I would try to find out what was holding me back/keeping me from being happy. That would be very informative.
    I end every post on my blog with ‘I am happy that I quit’ as a moment of well, rememberance / meditation on the subject, or what would you call that? I think it works, at least it does for me. 🙂
    xx, Feeling


  4. For me, the pink cloud is always there, but sometimes I forget.
    Life used to be very bleak, as I was desperately depressed and drinking to cope with everything.
    When I remember that I know that it sis true- my worst day sober is still so much better than my best day drinking.



  5. I like how you “quantify” the spending via drinking money. I decided to see a personal trainer (I know, it sound so Hollywood) and it’s a fraction of what I spent on alcohol in a week. I never worried about buying drinks, but I second-guess myself on healthy spending.


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