Some days…

Some days wolfie gets extra extra loud and you have to pull out all the tricks.

Hiding in bed at 8pm with chamomile tea, chocolate ice cream, a trashy book, a candle, and clean sheets.

Oof. Back on the no sleeping pattern this week. Just about caved tonight…my rational brain won though–drinking a bottle of wine would escape this mood for an hour but I would wake up tomorrow upset with myself, and hungover. Not worth it. Scarily, it almost felt worth it.

So annoying, I was cruising along so nicely this week! Oh well, I’ll be proud of myself when I can ride my bike tomorrow morning without a hangover. 

5 thoughts on “Some days…”

  1. You’re my kinda woman! Nothing like clean sheets, a good book and ice cream! So much better than caving in! What keeps me from caving in is thinking past the first “good” feeling that would come with that wine bottle-all of the maddeningly horrible mental anguish and guilt. And probably a horrible hangover on top of it all.
    Good for you!


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