And on and on we go…

38 is a nice number, very close to 40!

In 13 days I’ll be “free” for the summer (classes are out–just research to work on all summer…no teaching/seminars/meetings). I can’t WAIT.

4 thoughts on “38”

  1. Every day is a victory, another step in the journey. My uncle just fell off the wagon after 4 years of sobriety. He is worse now than he ever was. It reminded me to never get complacent, the journey is lifelong. There is, unfortunately, no single day, no magic number where we finally gain victory. I really hope there will come a day when I don’t crave a glass of wine. That would make things so much easier!

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  2. Free for the summer… What a lovely thought!! I have 6 more weeks after half term but Im only in school two days a week, so including today I have 13 more days too!! 😎


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