36 days.

A much better day! Let’s hope that phase has passed…I’d like a few days of peace from the cravings!

Didn’t sleep last night (come on, insomnia, I’m tired of you now). Long day at work, but came home and went running with my husband and 2 of our 3 dogs (the chihuahua* wanted to go too). One of my faster runs in months. Finally seeing the benefits of 5 weeks of solid training which never would have happened with alcohol in the picture.

Hugs and sober peace to all. We can do this!

*actually, we just got her dna tested last week (for the low price of $70, you too can find out what kind of mutt your rescue dog is!) and she’s only one quarter chihuahua. She actually is more miniature pinscher. I still call her a chihuahua–it seems to be her “dominant character trait”. And she’s been my “chihuahua” for 2 years!

5 thoughts on “36 days.”

  1. I don’t know if I can keep reading your blog….I have a love/hate relationship with running. Just kidding. Who knows…maybe you will motivate me to try it again. I’m very impressed by your fitness level!! So glad you are feeling better by not drinking!!


    1. Haha, I mostly hate running too! I do it…and occasionally enjoy it…but I’m usually cranky while running 😉 Let’s not get too excited about my “fitness”–it’s all relative!! Still suuuuuper slow.


  2. Glad you had a better day and well done on the running. Most times I hate the idea of going but then feel so much better for it. Perhaps I should get our rescue cats DNA tested.. I’m sure he is part dog!!!


      1. If you runners can barely get out the door, imagine me??!!! I am proud I go on a daily 45min walk! Oh well, I guess the same energy is expended moving my butt 3 miles as it takes to move yours…..you just do it quicker 🙂 and maybe with a better cardio burn!


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