Thank you to those who commented yesterday! This little online world is so awesome.

Today was a lot better. I biked for 3 hours this morning and had the best ride I’ve had in….forever. I fully attribute that to being sober….for me, good = heart rate under control instead of skyrocketing on every hill. That’s partly accumulated  fitness from training consistently for 5 weeks straight but also a lack of hangover helps!

I was reading Belle’s new book yesterday and flipped to the sober toolbox…one says don’t train for an ironman while getting sober. Oops. Ironman is in November. Still, sober first, triathlon second!

Had a beautiful swim this afternoon, and then sushi and a concert with my husband.

My husband said I’m nicer since I quit drinking (apart from yesterday when I bit his head off for three hours until he finally asked me what he did wrong and I said I JUST WANT A DRINK! Funny in retrospect.)

Bring on week 6 (5 weeks today!)!!

2 thoughts on “Thanks!”

  1. I bit my hubby’s head off yesterday too….while he was cooking…I know, good grief, who bitches at a hubby in the kitchen, right? I was super hungry and wanted wine to take off the edge. Once I snacked and brought blood sugar back into control, I was level-headed again. He, too, says, in general, I have been much less moody! Congrats on 5 weeks!!


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