“The witching minute” and rituals

We hear all about “the witching hour” (or hours) but lately I’ve been experiencing the witching minute–that 60 seconds before I leave work when the idea of a cold glass of wine when I get home sounds SO good and SO relaxing.

My brain is so programmed…

Drinking my sparkly water instead. I find that recreating the ritual helps me. I read on Belle’s blog recently that she doesn’t believe in NA beer or even drinking non-alcoholic drinks out of a wine glass…for me, both of those have helped. I like holding a wine glass, I like the taste of beer (particularly when it’s hot). I guess to each their own!

Day 31. Go go gadget. (Where is that phrase from? Inspector gadget?)

3 thoughts on ““The witching minute” and rituals”

  1. Yes!!! Inspector Gadget 🙂 I read Belle’s post as well and agree, to each their own….I can’t look at a wine glass or the thoughts of wine start to flood my brain, but have read a lot that it does help (especially those non-alcoholic beers although I’m not a beer girl)! Do what works for you, as it obviously is working because you have done amazing and are on day 31!!!! Congratulations and keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

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  2. I used to drink NA beer but find it too sweet now, and it makes me miss the real stuff! Like you say though, we are all different. Well done on a month. BALLOONS AND CAKES COMING YOUR WAY!


  3. My husband replaces wine with a wine glass full of sparkling water, I think it looks funny but each to their own! For me nothing can replace wine and I won’t even try looking. I need to find other things to enjoy about my evenings instead of wine. I haven’t found anything yet but its early days! I am in the early bored, restless stage!


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