I’m SO tired!

Ugh, the last two days have been rough. It doesn’t help that it’s 90 degrees outside here and I think that’s a lot of it, but I’ve been feeling completely drained–like I want to go crawl into bed and get out in a week.

Last night I got halfway to the gym to swim and turned around in the middle of the road. Normally when I feel that way, I’d end up drinking a whole bottle of wine to “relax”, feeling worse the next day, and then taking an afternoon or morning off work to catch up on sleep. Rinse, repeat. Maybe I should take that half-day off work to catch up on sleep anyways!

Well, I didn’t have the wine but I pulled out every trick I could find–NA beer, special fizzy drink, watermelon as a treat, a cold shower (90 degrees! In MAY). I survived, and slept ok last night. Was still worn out this morning but at least I don’t have a hangover today too!

Does the exhaustion go away eventually?!? I thought you were supposed to be LESS tired without alcohol.

Day 25 (I had to look. funny)

One thought on “I’m SO tired!”

  1. I still get hit with the overwhelming fatigue on day 43, but I think it’s normal-ish. I have friends that don’t drink (and never really have), and they seem to go through the same thing. Still, I am going to break down and go to the doctor for blood tests, etc. Like you, I really think I should be feeling better. I’m glad you are still hanging in there!


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