Day 22

Wow, I passed 3 weeks!?!?

I’m planning my 30-day “treat” for next week–a brand new pair of bike shoes. I am slightly obsessed with pink and there’s a pair I’ve been eyeing for months that is BRIGHT pink. My other shoes are fine, but I think I deserve a fantastic present for making it to 30 days. I still don’t trust myself though, so I’m not ordering them until day 30. Eight more days!

In other news, I needed a day off today to recover from my weekend (of course I went to work today). My mom and I went to Ikea to decorate my spare bedroom on Saturday and spent 3 hours there then 3 hours putting together furniture (and lamps…their little spaceship spikey lamp takes FOREVER to put together!). Yesterday we celebrated mother’s day by cooking three new recipes from a Mediterranean cookbook. Garlic and goat cheese tart, a roasted eggplant and yogurt thing, and grilled zucchini salad with basil, hazelnuts, and parmesan. All accompanied by my favorite drink–ginger beer, soda water, and bitters. While I haven’t had a drink in three weeks, I have gone through an entire (teeny) bottle of bitters! I’m ok with that!! (yes, I know bitters is 45% alcohol)

Off for my day 22 treat–a chill bike ride in the post-work sunshine. I LOVE daylight savings!!!

6 thoughts on “Day 22”

    1. Grilled zucchini tossed in a little bit of balsamic after grilling (and olive oil before grilling), toasted hazelnuts, fresh basil, good parmesan. I don’t even really like zucchini and I want to make it again tonight!


  1. You most definitely deserve a treat at 30 days – your first month is HARD slog!

    Those dishes sound delish, and I’ll have to try your drink – ginger beer can get a bit too sweet, but it’s often one of the only AF drinks provided at events so your mix sounds like a really good alternative 🙂

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