If I was going to drink, yesterday would have been a great time

Oops, wrote this last night and forgot to hit post.

Aiaia, last night was insane. The kind of insane that would have usually justified as much wine as I wanted. My mom is here this weekend and was meant to fly into our local airport. Well, thanks to United, she got to fly to an airport 1.5 hours away (before I ditched my loyalty to United, I created a hashtag #ThanksUnited for sarcasm-required situations like this). Soooooo, we got to go pick her up at 10:30pm (aka got home at 12:30am) and….got stopped for speeding. My husband was driving (I’ve actually never been stopped in all my years of driving–knock on wood), but it was a really stressful experience because it was my car, i couldn’t find my proof of insurance, registration was out of date (really need to remember to put my new one in my car!), etc etc.

Anyways, that’s why I missed a day of posting.

Otherwise doing fine. Sort of tired. I tried a NA beer yesterday (pre-drive-from-hell) and wow it tasted just like a real beer–I guess I found a way to deal with the post long bike ride beer cravings I’ve been getting which really are about the cold beer and less the alcohol content.

Spent today putting together IKEA stuff for our spare room. It’s raining here…enjoying hanging out with my kitty and chihuahua and listening to the rain…

Day 20. Who would have thought that possible?


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