And now we find ourselves at Day 15.

While I wasn’t posting much this weekend (except the daily check-in that I promised myself when I started this blog), I was reading a lot of blogs.

I have no idea why “quitting” (in quotes because 14 days doesn’t seem to count as actually quitting) alcohol is so easy this time around. I still have the thoughts of “Oh, I’ll go home and finish this work with a glass of wine” or “This bike ride is hard, I can’t wait for my ice cold beer with lunch later!”, but they sort of float in and then float out again. I forget that I’m not drinking, but once I remember it’s just fine.

A lot of others have had the same observation, but it’s funny how once you stop drinking you realize that those around you really don’t drink very much. Those friends we were visiting this weekend hardly ever drink–I remember the last time we visited them in November and I was constantly feeling like there wasn’t enough alcohol. It’s so liberating not to be searching for the next drink.

I see my former alcohol consumption as two parts: the self-destructive drinking, mostly alone or at home where I’d finish a bottle of wine easily and need more; and the more social sipping of wine or wine-tasting where I truly did enjoy the taste and experience. Unfortunately, when the second becomes more like the first, it is time to stop. I know moderation doesn’t work, and I am not going to try any time soon. I’m trying to think of this like Belle–one goal at a time. Right now it’s 100 days. Then I’ll reassess…

15% of the way to 100 days!! If I make it to 140 days, I’m buying myself a new bicycle that I’ve been wanting for years ($25/day in non-drinking savings–my husband and I went through ~2 bottles/day and he’s not drinking now either…….do the math about how much the bicycle costs!)

p.s. 2 weeks of this and I weigh one MORE pound than I did 2 weeks ago?!?!? (I know, I know, a common gripe…) Breathe. Patience….

2 thoughts on “And now we find ourselves at Day 15.”

  1. I know this is a late comment but you deserve the bike. I also purchased a fancy bike last year. I call it an investment purchase. Because once you buy something like that, if you care for it, you can have it a lifetime. And oh what a difference it makes in the ride. Rooting for your 140 days!


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