An eggplant just exploded inside our grill…

(The title has nothing to do with anything except my husband just walked in and said he exploded an eggplant in the grill. Hah. While I’m being lazy on the couch with my ginger beer sparkly drink and my laptop…)

Anyways 😉

Day 9. My my my…

Story time. A year ago I hired a triathlon coach. What a good idea, you say. Yeah, except the reason I hired a triathlon coach wasn’t that I wanted to get back to training for triathlons (which I did…) but because I wanted to quit drinking. I thought that if I set up my life in a way in which it was impossible to drink AND train, then it would make me stop drinking. Turns out, it doesn’t work that way. I continued drinking, went through phases where I trained too (and work fell apart), went through phases where I barely trained at all (and blamed work), and finally gave up on the idea of a coach about a month ago.

Since I’ve quit drinking (ahem, in the whole NINE days that I have chosen not to drink), I’ve been in the pool three times, biked five times, and run four times. Hmm..Chicken, meet Egg.


One thought on “An eggplant just exploded inside our grill…”

  1. That’s fantastic that you are back to training. I’ve done some pretty cool athletic things in my time but I could never do a triathlon. Too long, too hard, and I’m a crappy swimmer. So I’m really impressed with people who can do them. Keep at it and good luck!


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