Saturday, Day 6

So…funny story. Yesterday after coming home and being nice to myself for awhile, I went to the store around the corner for dinner groceries. I also bought ginger beer because I’ve been enjoying a (non-alcoholic) drink that I used to love. I got to the counter and felt relieved that I didn’t have to get my ID out (I STILL get carded 90% of the time at age 30). Anyways, the cashier rings up the ginger beer and asks for my ID. Apparently the store had coded ginger beer as alcoholic. Really annoying but because she was young and new I actually had to show her my ID for it! So much for being happy not to go through that game…

Otherwise, proud of myself for getting through Friday night and Saturday (so far). I’m enjoying the extra time. We *gasp* started dealing with the weeds in our yard last night–I have never in my life pulled a weed. I let them grow or sit with a glass of wine and let my husband pull them. I had SO much fun yanking evil plants out of the ground. Some had such deep roots that I got to use a shovel. Maybe I should take up gardening…

I’ve been a little grumpy today. Mostly at weird times…I start looking forward to the first glass of wine “later” and have to catch myself.

At least the headaches are mostly gone.

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